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how to participate in Locustream


  • Locus Sonus invites people to participate in the Locustream project, a network of worldwide open-mics.

    Contact and Info : Jerome Joy support(at)

  • intro

    Locustream was launched two years ago as a prototype and is one of many sound art projects realized by Locus Sonus. The principle of the online system is based on a streaming platform which relays local microphonic captures maintained by field recordists and phonographers. Local sound environments, soundscapes, ambiances and sonic "scenes" are streamed to our server for online listening through the soundmap interface. One basis of this project is to consider these streams as (rough or unadulterated) materials for various sound projects and installations initiated by us (Locus Sonus, WLP - World Listening Project) and also by other artists. It could become a extraordinary resource for listeners (and for developing listeners' own practices and systems), for nourishing other local sound systems you may want to develop, and for initiating sound studies and research as well. The main axis on which we are now working are Networked Sonic Spaces and Field Spatialization.

  • systems

    The process of opening a web-mic is very easy and our streaming server can transmit more than one thousand simultaneous open-mics. Locus Sonus assures the technical system of Locustream and provides the requested softwares (and hardwares) in order to keep (a)live as long as possible each microphone you open. The whole system is automated and made up of online registration, Locustream mailing-list subscription, special streaming patches with applications to connect automatically to the server, and an autonomous small Linux-based PC dedicated to the project (LocuStreamBox). The aim is to offer continuous (non-stop) audio streams every time. Let's imagine a constellation of live "phonographies" from all around the world.

  • By participating in the Locustream project you can "manufacture" listening experiences for others. You become an author and a sound explorer for listeners.

  • howtos

    If you want to open a web-based microphone, follow the process

    To have more info related to Locustream project

    To have more info related to LocuStreamBox

    To learn about the research group Locus Sonus - audio in art

  • public shows

    Next presentations of our current Locustream projects will be shown in various festivals and events on next months. By being a "Locustreamer", you'll be informed at time in connection with these presentations and also of the presentations made by other artists.

  • Take part in Locustream and join the current (Locus)streamers !