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Q/is this box autonomous: it doesnt need any computer, only an internet connection (ethernet) and a mike?

A/it is a small computer in itself, a silent one since it doenst need a fan to cool itself. it has a sound card, video out, 2USB and a network card.. so yes, its like plug and play for the streams.

you might need to take the little jumper cable from the monitor output out to connect a monitor and see/fine tune the patch to your microphone level inputs:

is somehow important that you dont turn on the device without that little connector, is a BUG im trying to fix now.

Q/What steps should I follow when i receive my streambox?

A/In 7 steps:

'''.make sure that the little cable jumper is connected to the blue VGA output as in the picture above

.connect a network cable that has a connection to the internet.

.plug the juice (electricity power), wait for at least 1-2 minutes then,

.check on this page to see if your stream is listed, reload the page after one minute in case is not there:

.finally open with VLC your stream URL, get it by right clicking on the icon of the speaker and copying the link. Proceed to VLC for pasting it inside the http field of the window that VLC opens when you do ctrl+n:

.you will be able to listen to your own stream with the delay of the signal bouncing back from the icecast-streaming server in france.

.as soon is up and your are happy, report it to the locus stream mailing list.'''