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Streambox2 Etang de Berre

Streambox setup and implementation 2

As with Streambox microphone setup1, the setup2 was postponed and took longer than originally envisaged - this was due to similar problems as those encountered installing streambox1 - i.e. the setup was both technically and administratively challenging. The process was also delayed since we first tested the microphone for several months on a moored boat before turning to the final site which has proven to be globally more satisfactory.

The microphone is now streaming from a buoy located offshore in the Etang de Berre, a large brackish water lagoon situated to the NW of Marseille. Subject to diverse forms of pollution over the past century, the Etang de Berre is now closely monitored both by citizen and governmental environmental groups. The buoy where the microphone is situated is maintained by the GIPREB organisation whose vocation is to survey water quality and at the same time to promote cultural activities around the lagoon that respect the environment The buoy houses scientific equipment used to monitor water quality. The setup was facilitated by our partnership with the arts organisation Bureau Des Guides GR2013 - with whose assistance we organised the final exhibition and who have been working on audience development with the GIPREB for several years.

The streambox microphone is entirely autonomous, a dedicated solar panel provides its power and it connects to the internet via a 4g dongle. The binaural microphone is carefully wind protected and waterproofed and the resulting audio is very interesting to follow - it is possible to hear the changing conditions of the lagoon with the sound of Urban life - motorways and airport in the distance. Gulls and other seabirds use the buoy as a perch and the microphone gives a rare closeup of their vocalisations and rustling feathers.

The stream was played to a group of more that 100 students and staff of ESAAix as they overlooked the lagoon during the final exhibition event walk. It was also relayed by Radio Zai and Pitch during the final exhibition event.

The streambox implementation involved

    • 1 meeting between the director of the GIPREB, a member of Bureau des Guides and 3 Members of Locus Sonus.
    • 1 reconnaissance trip by boat to the buoy.
    • 1 Installation trip by boat to the buoy.
    • An invitation to a member of GIBREB who spoke to the students about the Etang de Berre while they listened to the microphone.

Main People involved

Peter Sinclair (Coordination and microphone operation)
Gregoire Lauvin (Streambox hardware)
Raphaël GRISEL (Directeur GIPREB)
Hortense De Lary (GIPREB)
Antoine Devillet (Bureau des Guides GR2013)
Stephane Cousot (Streambox software)

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