Locus Sonus Vitae

SoundCamp 23


Pont Riche Pont Pauvre, 06430 Tende, France
Latitude: +44.104458° Longitude: +7.613399°

For the 2023 edition, Locus Sonus is returning to the Roya Valley that meanders between the French and Italien borders before reaching the mediterranean sea.
The Roya valley is a place of transit and of geological transformation. Recently ravaged by disastrous flooding it is also well known to migrating people as a border crossing. The Pont Riche microphone is situated close to bee hives, on terraced farm land overlooking the river.

Sunday Afternoon is given over to an experimental Radio broadcast with contributions from amateurs and experts on local life and humanities as well as members of the Locus Sonus Vitae team and students.

We are setting up a stream for Reveil 23 available here from May 5th :

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