Locus Sonus Vitae

SoundCamp 22

Pont Riche Pont Pauvre, 06430 Tende, France

Latitude: +44.104458° Longitude: +7.613399°

For the 2022 edition, Locus Sonus is setting up camp in the Roya Valley that meanders between the French and Italien borders before reaching the mediterranean sea.

The Roya valley is a place of transit and of geological transformation. Recently ravaged by disasterous flooding it is also well known to migrating people as a border crossing. The Pont Riche microphone is situated close to bee hives, on terraced farm land overlooking the river.

Over the weekend we are inviting artists and inhabitants of the Roya valley to come and join us to listen to the reveil stream and also to take part in various listening and artistic practices including sound walks, audio walks, dry stone wall building, or wolf howling :

The decision was made to organise Soundcamp 3 at a farm next to the town of Tende in the Roya Valley. The principle reason for this decision being that Locus Sonus and the social science laboratory IREMAM (CNRS/Aix Marseille University) identified this area for their shared field research in an anthropology programme "La recherche par l'écoute" ("Research through Listening") - in January 2022. This followed an encounter with the small cultural and arts organisation “Les Ouistitis” who convinced us of the cultural and artistic potential of the area. These partnerships implied that we have been able to allocate supplementary funding, material resources and other forms of collaboration to the soundcamp3 event.

Main organisers :

● Cedric Parizot (researcher, anthropologist - CNRS)
● Nathalie Masseglia (artist, comedian - Breil sur Roya - Cie de l'arpette)
● Stephane Cousot (advisor and technical Support)
● Gregoire Lauvin (advisor and technical Support)
● Geraldine Paoli (coordination - Roya cie)
● Peter Sinclair (coordination - Locus Sonus)

The Soundcamp was located at an old farm situated on the banks of the river Roya that is now used by the association “Les Ouistitis” Artistic and cultural activities : workshops, talks and performances were initiated by Acoustic Commons artists in residence as well as local artists, ecologists and historians. The event was open to the general public (mainly local residents) and broadcast via the Reveil/Locusonus platform throughout the 24 hour period.

Saturday 31 April
● 12 - 14, Tim Shaw "Ambulation". (audio walk) (Audience 35 in situ + 60 online)
● 15 - 16, Nuno da Luz "Howl Chorus" (presentation)
● 16 - 17h30, Léa Arson "Thinking like a bird" (writing workshop)
● 18 - 19, Léa Arson "Radio On Air" (streamed radio workshop)

● 20 - 22, Sena Karahan "All listening" (sound installation)
Sunday 01 May
● 04 - 05, Nuno da Luz "Howl Chrorus" (talk performance)
● 05 - 08, Marc Fayolle "Botanical Night Hike" (walk)
● 08 - 12, Marie, Curieux de Nature, "Atelier d'écoute"
● 08 - 10, Robert & José, "Histoire de la Brigue" (talk)
● 10 - 11, Nathalie Masseglia, "Le pied du mur"(talk, performance)

2 temporary Open mikes were installed at La Brigue.
Besides the artistic and cultural activities organised for the event itself, Locus Sonus provided technical support during the preceding period (help with streaming solutions etc). Preparations were made to avoid overloading the streaming server thus avoiding the problems experienced during the 2001 soundcamp.

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