Locus Sonus Vitae

A Body A life

The research line "A body a life" (in French, "En corps en vie", which can also be translated as "a body alive") focuses on art practices that involve or question aspects of the body and the living. It examines both their organic and affective properties, their political and social implications, and their aesthetic and performative engagements. Approached through notions as varied as presence, gender, resistance and habitability, the question of the place of the body in art, as tool, material or medium, actor or receptor, thus calls for an intersection of approaches (materialist, phenomenological, naturalist, legal, etc.) and disciplines. This research line also places particular emphasis on the articulation between visual arts and performing arts (dance, theater, performance) and their shared plasticity. The aim is to identify practices, gestures, devices or protocols that organize their dialogue, as well as the problematic, heuristic and conceptual issues involved.

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