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REVEIL Soundcamp ^Locustream^

^New LocustreamBox Rasperry Pi ^

^New LocusCast for Androïd & iPhone ^

Soundcamp - May 3rd-4th | 2014

presentation :

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REVEIL Soundcamp
Stave Hill Ecological Park, Timber Pond Road, Rotherhithe, , SE16 6AX
3.4. – 4.4. 2014

SoundCamp by Grant Smith is a listening event linked to International Dawn Chorus Day.
It is scheduled for the weekend of 3-4 May at Stave Hill Ecological Park, Rotherhithe.
During the event a small group of people will be able to camp on-site, explore the nature research and participate in dawn chorus walks, workshops and panel discussions.-

In conjunction with these local activities, we will be broadcasting REVEIL: the first live 24 hour broadcast of the sounds of daybreak, relayed by a network of audio streamers around the world.
We are very happy to be working in partnership with Wave Farm and WGXC 90.7-FM for this inaugural broadcast, which will also be relayed by local and regional stations to be announced. The live streams are made possible in large part through collaboration with the pioneering live streaming project Locus Sonus at the Hautes Ecoles d'Art of Aix en Provence and Bourges, with the development of the LocustreamBox Raspberry Pi and of LocusCast for mobile audio streaming.

Stave Hill is a beautiful wildlife haven on the Rotherhithe Peninsula. There is free access for the public to the patchwork of meadows, ponds, streams, woodland habitats. Stave Hill Ecological Park is managed by TCV Urban Ecology as a nature reserve, educational facility, research area and place of recreation. The Park has been designed and managed to form a mosaic of grassland, woodland, scrub and wetland habitats which support a wide variety of wildlife. Visitors can enter from Russia Dock Woodland or from entrances around Stave Hill. The Park is open to the public at all times and has a full time warden. —

Programme :
Download pdf


REVEIL relays the sounds of live open microphones provided by streamers around the world.
Starting on the morning of Saturday 3 MAY just before daybreak, London time (UTC +0+1), the reveil broadcast tracks the sunrise West, from microphone to microphone, following the wave of sound that loops the earth every 24 hours.
Sounds are provided by the Locus Sonus network and elsewhere, together with a collection of live audio sources assembled for this broadcast.
REVEIL is different from the vast majority of radio available online in that it is not primarily dedicated to music or talk, and none of it is pre recorded. Each sound is propagating live in real time somewhere.
Our aim has been to open a space for listening to something else - especially, but not exclusively to non humans and from wild places - and in the course of one earth day to provide a sketch of this emerging field.
The live archive is both paradoxical and fluid: streams come and go, in response to technical issues, seasonal changes, and the movement of people and other creatures on different projects or migrations.
Interview with Grant Smith, by Maria Papadomanolaki, 31 Jan. 2014.
The Field Reporter, Reviews on the Field of Listening / Recording Based Sound Art and Acousmatic Composition


SoundCamp ^ REVEIL aims to catalyse an evolving network of open microphones, as a resource for artists, activists and others. We welcome your participation. To add your sound to the first REVEIL broadcast, check the streaming guidelines (below).|


We invite and welcome your live audio streams for this event and beyond, as part of an evolving network of open microphones, set to create a live archive of terrestrial soundscapes as yet unheard.
The URL of the REVEIL stream is available for any broadcaster to take, whether for an extended re-broadcast or one or more dips into the streams.
We also invite broadcasters to contribute your own sounds of dawn by putting your microphone out the window at sunrise.
And we would be very happy if you would tell your listeners about this event and invite them to provide their own sound streams.
For details, please contact Maria Papadomanolaki:

post a message to Maria Papadomanolaki

This is a summary of ways to set up a stream. There are a number of tried and tested approaches, including ones requiring minimal technical know-how.

To join the network, for help choosing a method or getting started, or with any queries, you can contact us directly:

post a message for your participation


Before streaming, you must create an account for each microphone dedicated to the Locustream project. Each new account and registration is moderated by Locus Sonus.

create a Locustream account

You need to put in the settings for your Locus Sonus account so the stream is recognized by the Locus Sonus server and appears on the Locustream Soundmap.

configure your Locustream mountpoint

For troubleshootings or detailed information, please contact soundmap(at)


presentation :

With a Raspberry Pi mini computer (eg £27.86 from here), you can stream in mono or stereo, over ethernet or wifi. Setup takes a matter of minutes using our pre-configured SD Card. The system is designed for long-term trouble-free operation. Your stream will appear on the Locus Sonus Audio Soundmap ( ) and will be included in the REVEIL broadcast.

Go to this page for Locustream PiBox SD card download and instructions

Refer to these instructions to copy your SD card and get set up
Locustreambox Rasperry Pi
Open microphone with Locustreambox Rasperry Pi, in Niolon by Peter Sinclair



LocusCast is a mobile audio streaming app for the Locustream project and Soundmap:

This app for Android and iOS allows you to stream easily a 44100 mono oggvorbis stream to the Locustream soundmap from yourAndroid, iPhone and/or iPad device. It will automatically locates your stream on the map using GPS.

List of Features : 

  • Synchronised with your Locustream soundmap account
  • Persistent location using GPS
  • High quality mono one-way stream 
  • Ogg encoding 
  • Based on Icecast streaming server technology 
  • Works with wifi or 3G networks


Go to this page for Locuscast download and instructions
LocusCast for Androïd

LOCUSCAST for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Soon available on Apple Store and iTunes

Go to this page for Locuscast download and instructions