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The NMSAT board is a work panel which contributes to the development of the NMSAT resource.

Its role as editorial entity is to support and to assure the scientific quality of the database so that NMSAT is a reliable resource for the artistic and scientific communities.

NMSAT development committee

Brett Ian BALOGH, SAIC, Instructor, Art and Technology Studies, sound artist

Álvaro BARBOSA, CITAR UCP, Center for Research in Science and Technology of the Arts

Clarisse BARDIOT, ARIAS, Res. CNRS Univ. Paris3, Lect. Univ. of Valenciennes, CECN

DinahBIRD, MAM Museum of Modern Art Paris, radio artist and feature maker

Samuel BORDREUIL, LAMES, Dir. of Res. CNRS, MMSH, Univ. of Provence

Andrea CERA, Conservatorio C. Pollini Padova (Italia), composer

Julien CLAUSS, sound artist, Locus Sonus – audio in art, Sonic Research Lab

Jean CRISTOFOL, Epistemology, School of Arts Aix en Provence

John Levack DREVER, Goldsmiths College, Univ. of London, Dir. of SPR, Dpt of Music

Alejo DUQUE, Locus Sonus – audio in art, Sonic Research Lab / PhD res. at EGS (Switzerland)

Björn ERIKSSON, Hola folk high school (Nyland, Sweden), field recordings & radio art

Scott FITZGERALD, Tisch School NYU, ITP, Adj. ass. Prof. & Locus Sonus Lab

Jean-Paul FOURMENTRAUX, CESTA, Sociology, researcher, CNRS, EHESS Paris

Peter GENA, SAIC, Professor, Art and Technology Studies, composer

GH HOVAGYMIAN, Computer Arts, School of Visual Arts NYC, digital artist

Jérôme JOY, Locus Sonus – audio in art, Sonic Research Lab, composer

Rahma KHAZAM, art critic and journalist, editor-in-chief of Earshot

Anne LAFORET, Culture & Communication Lab, PhD researcher, Univ. of Avignon

Marie LECHNER, net & digital arts journalist, Libération Écrans

Eric LEONARDSON, SAIC, Adjunct associate professor, Sound, & WLP founder, music & radio art

Andra McCARTNEY, Concordia Univ., Comm. Studies, Ass. Prof., soundwalk artist

Gilles MALATRAY, Le Centre du Son (Isère, France)

Cédric MARIDET, School of Creative Media, City Univ. of Hong Kong, PhD res., sound artist

Sylvain MARQUIS, Univ. Marne-La-Vallée, Dpt Digital & Sound Arts, musicologist, comp.

Luc MARTINEZ, composer, sound designer, Univ. Nice Sophia-Antipolis

Udo NOLL, media artist & applied scientist for media technology

Julien OTTAVI, artist-researcher, Apo33, co-dir. of Area10Medialab London

Jenny PICKETT, artist/curator, creative manager co-dir. of Area10Medialab London

Andrea POLLI, Univ. of New Mexico, Dir. of the IFDM Program, digital media artist

Céline PRUNNEAUX, EHESS Paris, PhD researcher, Dept “History, Music, Society”

Pedro REBELO, SARC, Dir. of Education, Queens University Belfast, composer

Marc RELIEU, researcher and professor ENST Paris, ass. res. EHESS, LTCI CNRS

Alain RENAUD, Music and Audio Tech, Bournemouth Univ., PhD res. at SARC Belfast

Jean-Philippe RENOULT, sound artist,radio producer,lecturer, independant curator

Annick RIVOIRE, net & digital arts journalist, editor-in-chief of Poptronics

Jocelyn ROBERT, École des arts visuels, Univ. Laval Québec, Art. Dir. Avatar,

Anne ROQUIGNY, media artist (WJ-s), Locus Sonus – audio in art, Sonic Research Lab

Peter SINCLAIR, Locus Sonus – audio in art, Sonic Research Lab, sound artist

Douglas E. STANLEY, Digital Arts, School of Arts Aix en Provence / PhD res. at Paris8,artist

Atau TANAKA, Newcastle Univ., (Dir.) Computing Culture Lab, Prof of Digital Media, artist

J. Milo TAYLOR, CRiSAP, LCC, PhD researcher, Univ. of the Arts London

Jean-Paul THIBAUD, CRESSON, Dir. of Res. CNRS, Coll. of Architecture Grenoble

Allen S. WEISS, Tisch School NYU, Performance & Cinema St., Ass. Adj. Prof., writer

Yang YEUNG, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong, Postdoc Fellow, soundart curator