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1925 __ JODK
Comment : In 1915, the Governor General's Office and the Korean branch of the Japanese Imperial Post conducted an experiment. Using what was then cutting-edge technology, they sent a voice message over a distance of 800 meters, without the use of wires. This was the first experimental radio broadcast in Korea. Worldwide radio broadcasting began in earnest just after World War I (in the U.S. it spread with remarkable speed after 1920). In Japan, the Tokyo radio station went on air in December 1924, and around the same time both the colonial administration and Korean society at large began to consider the introduction of radio broadcasts in Korea. Most Korean books on the subject mention an experimental broadcast arranged and widely publicized by the Chosun Ilbo daily in December 1924. This event attracted much attention because it was the first experiment staged largely by the Koreans themselves, but it was by no means the first or largest in scale. For example, from March 10, 1925, the Seoul Post Office began a regular broadcast. Initially the airtime was two hours a week, an hour on Wednesday morning and an hour on Saturday afternoon, but it was soon increased. These broadcasts, while considered ``experimental,. (actually were regular and widely listened to. In 1924 the colonial administration also began to prepare regulations to govern the soon-to-arrive radio age. After some deliberations, in February 1926 it was decided that radio broadcasting should be a quasi)
Urls : http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/opinon/2009/10/165_48243.html (last visited )

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