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1925 __ Radio Service Given Over the Telephone
Comment : A most interesting description of the radiotelephone service that is available in Fredonia, Kansas. This is doubtless the forerunner of many cities, which will supply to all telephone subscribers the wonders of radio. « To take up your telephone receiver and listen in to the best radio broadcast programs without the trouble of tuning in is a new sensation, but one which new and far-reaching developments have made practical. One may now simply call Central and ask to be connected, then settle back in a chair and listen contentedly with the telephone receiver instead of the customary headphones. But if the family as a whole wishes to hear radio music and possibly to dance to the strains of a popular jazz orchestra sent over the air, loud speaker service is also possible. An ordinary radio loud speaker can be installed in the home, connected by special wires to the regular telephone cables. All the subscriber to this new public service has to do is to turn a switch. The radio set is in the office of the telephone company. ». (Thomas F. Gilliams, Radio Service Given Over the Telephone, Radio News, March, 1925, pages 1632-1633)
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