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1924 __ Radio in the modern hospital
Comment : “At the new Hunts Point Hospital, in the Bronx, New York each room is equipped with a radio plug. n the roof of the hospital, is the operator and the radio set. The audio output of the set can be received in each of the rooms by the use of head phones, which is the only feasible scheme of reception in a hospital where loud speakers are out of place. The President of the hospital board, in commenting on the installation said : « We have spent $500,000 in making this hospital the most modern institution of its kind in the Bronx. Its equipment, from the operating room down through the entire plant, is the most modern and scientifically perfect obtainable. But I do not believe that there is a single modern feature that can compare in its ultimate effects for good on the patient with the radio installation. »”. (“The March of Radio”, conducted by J. Morecroft, In “RADIO BROADCAST”, Vol. VI, no. 1, NOVEMBER 1924, Garden City, N. Y., DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & COMPANY, 1924, p. 38)
Urls : http://www.archive.org/stream/radiobroadcast06gardrich%23page/38/mode/2up (last visited )

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