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1924 __ Radio Broadcast’s Covered Wagon
Comment : “Before this magazine [Radio Broadcast] reaches the hands of its readers, another romantic radio adventure will have begun. Captain John R. Irwin, the man who received the first C Q D from Jack Binns on the Republic, who was wireless operator on that famous air expedition in Walter Wellman's dirigible America, who was an officer in the Air Service during the war, and later radio officer of the Leviathan is now on his way across the country in a modern prairie schooner. He is the pilot of RADIO BROADCAST'S "Covered Wagon" and Mobile Laboratory. He is going to introduce radio to those Americans who heretofore have never known any more of it than could be learned from the perusal of newspapers, those who are not yet convinced that it is the wonderful thing we in the cities have found it to be. Then, too, he is going to cooperate with radio clubs and power companies throughout the country in an effort to overcome the electrical noises known as "man-made static." His "Covered Wagon" is an automobile truck with a body like the old prairie schooners. Samples of all the Knock-Out receivers, built in the laboratory of this magazine, will be on board and frequent demonstrations will be made. Captain Irwin will travel from New York to California and thence to Florida. He will make a complete survey of radio in all parts of the country and will give advice to those who are not sufficiently familiar with radio to determine the type of receiver best suited to their needs and pocket books. The log of the "Covered Wagon" will be of great value in checking the many important scientific, social, economic, and business problems in which radio plays or may be made to play an important part.”.
Source : (“The March of Radio”, conducted by J. Morecroft, In “RADIO BROADCAST”, Vol. V, no. 6, OCTOBER 1924, Garden City, N. Y., DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & COMPANY, 1924, pp. 298-299)
Urls : http://www.archive.org/stream/radiobroadcast05gardrich%23page/298/mode/2up (last visited ) http://www.archive.org/stream/radiobroadcast06gardrich%23page/74/mode/2up (last visited )

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