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1924 __ Broadcast Music
Comment : “ When this prodigy they call “Broadcast Music” first came into existence, it was adopted by a thousand foster parents, nursed by millions of eager admirers. Now, after but three years, some of these foster parents have cast the prodigy aside as too expensive a protégé. Others, and their name is legion, have so spoiled the yougster, permitting him to perform his tricks for anybody and everbody regardless of the company into which it throws him, that many who were once his friends will no longer have anything to do with him. They fail to see that his shortcomings and defects are due to wrong guidance rather than to himself. Have you ever stopped to think of that, you who are daily sending out music through the radio to millions of listeners ? All the influence ever exerted by all the musicians who have ever lived, and by all their interpreters, is as nothing when placed against the influence exerted by broadcast music since it came into existence some three and a half years ago as a regular means of entertainment for the public. And no one seems to know exactly what to do with it. Every hour of every day it is serving as a medium through which is disseminated and incredible amount of trash, even a small portion of which is enough to vitiate public taste. On the other hand, during this short existence, it has brought good music, sometimes even the greatest music, to hundreds of thousands, yes, millions, who otherwise could never hear such music at all. What is to be the future of this musical giant that can penetrate in an instant to every nook and corner of the earth ? This is a question so far from solution at the present time that to attempt an answer would be but a waste of words. But to watch developments -- to do what can be done to regulate this force for the pleasure and enlightment of those brought into touch with it, and to make of it a constructive force -- this is going to be to all who try it, one of the most interesting and fascinating experiences among the thousand and one interesting and fascinating experiences constantly available in this life. ”. (Jenny Irene Mix)
Source : Irene Mix, Jenny (1924), In “RADIO BROADCAST”, Vol. IV, NOVEMBER, 1923, to APRIL, 1924, Garden City, N. Y., DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & COMPANY, 1924, pp. 475-476.
Urls : http://www.archive.org/stream/radiobroadcast04gardrich/%23page/n473/mode/2up (last visited )

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