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1924 __ 2BE Belfast
Comment : The first station in Ireland was 2BE Belfast in 1924. Other early stations included 2RN Dublin (January 1, 1926) and 6CK Cork (1927). (Richard Logue, Richard Cullumb & Barry Mishkind)2BE was the call sign of the first official radio station in Northern Ireland which started broadcasting from Belfast in 1924 on a frequency of 682 kHz. Operated by the British Broadcasting Company, later Corporation, the station was in 1936 subsumed into the the Northern Ireland Regional Programme, later to become the Northern Ireland Home Service and then BBC Radio 4 Northern Ireland. 2BE's successor station today is BBC Radio Ulster. (Compiled from various sources)In the very early years of broadcasting, audiences were prepared to be forgiving. The BBC's first station in Belfast, 2BE, opened in 1926 - four years after partition. Its inaugural broadcast was interrupted by a technical fault which meant that at first, the handful of listeners heard only a brief announcement followed by 'God Save the King', followed by silence. In the period before the fault was repaired and the programme resumed, nationalists must have felt their darkest fears about the new state had been confirmed. Even unionists, while they might have found nothing to fault in the content as far as it went, must have been a little puzzled by the limited use to which the BBC appeared to be proposing to put the dazzling new medium of radio. (Kevin Connolly)1924 is a year full of changes for the BBC. Not only does it start with religeous programmes, it also adopts Greenwich Mean Time while the Big Ben chimes are used for the first time on the hour. Many new stations come on the air: BBC 5PY Plymouth, BBC 2EH Edinburgh, BBC 6LV Liverpool, BBC 2LS Leeds), 2LS Bradford, BBC 6KH Hull, BBC 2BE Belfast, BBC 5NG Nottingham, BBC 2DE Dundee, BBC 6ST Stoke-on-Trent, and BBC 5SX Swansea. In the same year the BBC also starts broadcasting on long wave via 5XX Chelmsford on 1600 metres with 15 kW. More longwave broadcasts are added in 1925 with transmissions on 1600 metres via 5XX Daventry and via Grimeton on the very low frequency of 17.2 kHz. (Compiled from various sources)
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