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1924 __ Distant listener from the other side of the globe
Comment : A listener in Tokio [sic], Japan, claims to have heard WOR, Newark, during the past week, over a distance of over 9,000 miles. So far no radio broadcasting station has encircled the globe. When a station sends music or speech half way around the earth it will have covered the entire circumference because radio waves travel in both directions. During the past winter season an increasing number of stations have reported long distance reception and each in turn is establishing claims for the record. However, the long distance record established last year by WHAZ, Troy, N. Y., remains unbroken. In February, 1923, WHAZ sent special programs in the early hours of the morning on four successive days to Imbercargill, New Zealand, an airline distance of 9,577 miles from Troy. WJAZ, Chicago, has been heard in the Samoan Islands, a distance of 7,000 miles from Chicago. Reception of WLAG, Minneapolis, has been reported from Batum, Russia, 6,683 miles. WGY has been heard in Cape Town, South Africa, 7,880 miles, about one third the distance around the world. WEAF, New York, longest record is also Cape Town. (New York Times, Apr. 13, 1924)
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