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1924 __ Radio in Hospitals
Comment : “One of the most beneficent fields of usefulness of radio is the reception of radio broadcasting in hospitals. Besides the benefit to patients through providing entertainment, medical authorities testify to the actual therapeutic value of the mental relief thus afforded. The Bureau of Standards is assisting in the technical phases of current movements to equip many thousands of hospital beds with radio service. Since the middle of March of this year there has been a popular campaign directed from one of the large broadcasting stations which has raised funds for the installation of radio in the United States military service hospitals. A technical committee of Government experts (representing the Signal Corps, Navy Department, and Bureau of Standards) is furnishing technical advice as to the material and method of installation for these hospitals. The first hospitals equipped were Walter Reed General Army Hospital, Naval Hospital, and Mount Alto Veterans' Bureau hospital, all located in Washington, D. C. The general system employed is to use one receiving set and a powerful amplifier to supply the entire hospital, each patient being supplied with head telephone receivers which can be connected or disconnected at will. The amplifier used is capable of supplying about 3,000 head sets in parallel, and by reducing the number of head sets and using suitable transformers a number of loud speakers may also be used in the various rooms. At Walter Reed Hospital 1,500 head sets and six loud speakers are used, the loud speakers being provided for assembly halls only. This equipment requires the services of one man continuously while the set is in operation, to control the volume of sound delivered to the patients. The set used is capable of receiving distant as well as local programs, but because of disturbances that may be introduced in distant reception local programs are used except on special occasions where a program of very general interest is being broadcast from a distant station. The installation includes a microphone which is used for the distribution to the patients of programs given in the auditorium or elsewhere in the hospital. This microphone makes it possible for any person to address all the patients of the hospital simultaneously. The installation has been in operation for four months and has been very satisfactory. The work of equipping other hospitals is being continued, and the material for all service hospitals in the vicinity of New York City has been ordered. The aim of the movement is to make it possible for every patient in all the military hospitals of the United States to listen to radio programs. A large part of the money for this purpose has been raised, and the campaigns are being continued. Similar campaigns for the equipping of non-Government hospitals in various places have been begun.”. (Radio Service Bulletin on Oct. 1, 1924)
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