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1923 __ Simfoniya gudkov
Arseny Mikhailovich Avraamov (Арсений Михайлович Авраамов) (1886-1944)
Comment : The russian composer Arseny Avraamov conducted the 1923 performance of his Symphony of Factory Sirens from the roof of a factory building, in Moscow on the occasion of the sixth birthday of the october revolution. Avraamov's Symphony is a megalithic piece of concrete ‘social realist art’ which appears to have been performed twice: first on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the revolution in the Caspian port of Bacu, and again one year later in the Moscow of 1923. Avraamov’s orchestra included choirs (to be joined by the spectators), factory sirens, a steam whistle organ built from some fifty steam whistles, machine guns and cannons (which were used as a sort of a 'percussion group'), foghorns, artillery guns and hydro-airplanes. The Symphony of Factory Sirens was conducted by a team of conductors using flags and pistols, with the composer overseeing and leading the work atop a factory roof. A central "steam-whistle machine" pounded out "The Internationale" and "La Marseillaise" as noisy "autotransports" (half-tracks) raced across Baku for a gigantic sound finale in the festival square. Composer Arseny Avraamov (1886-1944) proposed a project named ‘Topographical Acoustics.' He suggested building powerful electro-acoustic systems that could be installed on aeroplanes, from which vast areas of land could be covered with sound. Some of his projects explored new genres of music devised specifically for urban contexts and presented around the built environment. One such project by Avraamov (inspired by the poetry of the aforementioned Gastev) is the Symphony of Sirens – a large-scale open-air performance of factory whistles, foghorns, artillery fire and all manner of machine-made noises first staged in the port town of Baku in 1922 in celebration of the fifth anniversary of the revolution.Today, his most famous work is Simfoniya gudkov (Гудковая симфония, "Symphony of factory sirens"). This piece involved navy ship sirens and whistles, bus and car horns, factory sirens, cannons, the foghorns of the entire Soviet flotilla in the Caspian Sea, artillery guns, machine guns, hydro-airplanes, a specially designed "whistle main," and renderings of Internationale and Marseillaise by a mass band and choir. The piece was conducted by a team of conductors using flags and pistols. It was performed in the city of Baku in 1922, celebrating the fifth anniversary of the 1917 October Revolution, and less successfully in Moscow, a year later."[I part. "Anxiety". On the first salyutnomu fired from a raid (about 12) come with an alarming toll Zyh, White City, and Bibi-Eybat Bailov. Upon entering the fifth gun rings Tovaroupravleniya Aznefti and docks. On the 10th I-II-III and I-Group plants Chernogorodskogo area. On the 15 th-1 st group Black sirens and the city fleet. At the same time, the fourth company armavirskih komkursov, predvoditelstvuemaya combined duhovym Varshavyankoy "with the orchestra, goes to the wharf. At the 18 th gun factories come gorrayona and seaplanes take off. At the 20 th-blast railway depot at railway stations and the remaining locomotives. Machine guns, infantry and steam Orchestra, which come at the same time, receive signals directly from dirizherskoy tower ... Over the last five rounds anxiety reaches a peak and ends with the 25 th gun. Pause. Call (sig-nal with highway). -- [Part II. "Boy". Triple chord siren. Declining seaplanes. "Hooray" to the wharf. Performing with the signal line. "International" (4 times). The second polustrofe enters connected with the brass band "La Marseillaise." In repeating (opening) melodies "Zonta" chorus enters entire area [...] and sings all three stanza to finish. At the end of last stanza returned armavirtsy with orchestras, "Hooray encountered response" from the area. In all the time of execution "Zonta" rings factory district, station (depots and locomotives) are silent. -- [Part Ill. Apofeoz "victory". At the end, provide a general solemn chord, accompanied by bursts and the bell ringing for 3 minutes. Ceremonial march."International" is repeated twice more on the signals during the final march. After the third (last) performance of the signal siren again all the common chord Gudkov Baku and districts (15)." (Part of the event program).
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