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1923 __ Radio Ibérica
Comment : The first station in Spain was "Radio Ibérica" which began in Madrid, in September, 1923. Additional stations were opened in 1924 in Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla. "Radio España", EAJ2, in Madrid was opened September 10, 1924. Another early station, located in the Canary Islands, "Radio Club Tenerife," began tests in 1923, with regular broadcasting starting in 1924. The station received call sign EAR-58 in 1925/26. (Francisco José Dávila Dorta & Barry Mishkind)In 1908, the Spanish government enacted a law that gave the central state the right to establish and exploit "all systems and apparatuses related to the so-called 'Hertzian telegraph,' 'ethereal telegraph, 'radiotelegraph,' and other similar procedures already invented or that will be invented in the future." Scattered experiments in radiowave communication evolved into regular broadcasts by 1921 with such events as Radio Castilla's program of concerts from the Royal Theater of Madrid. In 1924, the first official license for radio was granted, and all experimental stations were ordered to cease broadcasting and request state authorization. The first "legal" radio broadcast began in Barcelona and, like most radio programs that preceded the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), it was started up by private investors to make a profit. The broadcasting law of 1934 defined radio as "an essential and exclusive function of the state" and was amended in 1935 to confirm that all "sounds and images already in use or to be invented in the future" would be established and exploited by the state. (Richard Maxwell)
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