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1922 __ Radio’s great future
Herbert C. Hoover (1874-1964)
Comment : [In 1922 Herbert C. Hoover is Secretary of Commerce and will become the 31st president of the United States 1929-1933]« Radio implies the extension and betterment of means of communication everywhere. It is incredible that the new science will, therefore, prove to be a fad of merely passing importance. For, clearly, from the very beginnings of recorded history, man has struggled against the barriers of distance in his effort to impart and to receive information, to discover and to afford diversion, to develop transportation and trade. Before the advent of the wireless, although we had the telephone and telegraph for interpoint communication on land and via sea cable, there was no way by which we could communicate with moving bodies either on land, in the air, on or under the surface of the sea. Now radio serves such carriers. Again, before the advent of the radio telephone, there was no instantaneous means of communication for use in broadcasting information and entertainment to tens of thousands of listeners simultaneously. Now, because radio bridges these and similar gaps, the ideal of universal communication, which has long aimed to inter-relate everyone possessing the necessary equipment anywhere on this earth, is in its realization predictable and must be accepted as an augury of better understanding and of swifter means of accomplishment throughout the world. Fortunately, too, as a result of the Radio Conference called by this Department early in the present year, bills are now before Congress which promise to provide order instead of anarchy in the ether. The new radio industry is unique in that everyone is unanimous in the common desire for legislation and regulation that will make the new science of the greatest possible good to the greatest possible number of Americans. The accomplishment of this legislation may, accordingly, be considered as the next important step in the progress of radio and in the extension of its use throughout the United States. ». (Herbert C. Hoover, In“RADIO BROADCAST”, Vol. I, MAY, 1922, to OCTOBER, 1922, Garden City, N. Y., DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & COMPANY, 1922, p. 433)
Urls : http://www.archive.org/stream/radiobroadcast01gardrich/%23page/432/mode/2up (last visited )

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