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1922 __ Caruso’s voice
Comment : A similar reaction to what Sigmund Freud will describe later as "the voice of an absent person", was had to a 1922 radio broadcast of a Caruso recording : "Caruso dead and buried these many months, yet singing to us and perhaps twenty thousant others, down out of the ether on this cold winter's night, all by way of a phonograph and a few feet of wire in Newark, a few feet of wire and a telephone in New York.". (Bliven, Bruce 1922, "The ether will now oblige", New Republic, 15 February 1922, p. 329 In Peters, John Durham 1999, "Speaking into the Air : A History of the Idea of Communication", pp. 161-162)
Source : Freud, Sigmund (1930), "Civilization and Its Discontents", Translated by Joan Riviere, New York, Norton, 1961, p. 43.

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