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1922 __ BBC, first broadcast
Comment : The BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.) transmits its first broadcast November 14. Financed in part by royalties on radio sales and in part by a 10-shilling Post Office license fee that anyone owning a receiver must pay, it begins with a staff of four, and Scottish-born engineer John C. W. (Charles Walsham) Reith (1889-1971), 33, becomes general manager in December; a six-foot-six misanthrope who will run BBC for the next 16 years, Reith will make the BBC one of Britain's most revered institutions as more and more Britons take to "listening in".On 14 November 1922 the first daily radio service, with the code name 2LO, was launched by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) in London. The wireless quickly became a social and cultural phenomenon and the monarch learned to use the new medium to address his people. (Compiled from various sources)
Source : Wenaas, Eric P. (2007), "Radiola: The Golden Age of RCA, 1919-1929", Sonoran Publishing, LLC, Chandler Arizona, 2007.
Urls : http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/1200000/audio/_1204729_2lo_14nov22.ram (last visited ) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/1204729.stm (last visited )

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