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1922 __ KZKZ in the Philippines
Comment : In 1922, a Mrs. Redgrave, an American, began test broadcasting from Nichols air field with a five-watt transmitter. This would put her ahead of Henry Hermann who began test broadcasts from three stations in June 1922. Lent's (1978) collection of histories of broadcasting in Asia shows that Philippine radio was probably the earliest in Asia, ahead of Chinese radio by at least six months and at least as early as, if not earlier than, New Zealand radio. Hermann, owner of the Manila-based Electrical Supply Company, wanted to broadcast music to a number of radio receiving set owners, and test the business potential of broadcasting. The manuals as well as Lent indicated that Hermann went on the air armed with a temporary permit, but neither writer identified exactly whom or which institution gave Hermann this permit to operate experimental radio stations. Two years into the experiment Hermann replaced the experimental stations with a 100-watt station with the call letters KZKZ. However, Hermann soon after gave up on the commercial potential of radio. On October 4, 1924, with KZKZ but a few months old, he sold it to the Radio Corporation of the Philippines (RCP). Much of the programming was patterned after American broadcasting and was indeed run by Americans. At first, sponsors did not directly advertise their products but mentioned only their names as sponsor of particular shows, or titled the shows after their product, for example Klim Musical Quiz or The Listerine Amateur Hour. Among the early pioneers, Francisco "Koko" Trinidad is regarded by broadcasters and broadcast teachers and students of the past three decades as the father of Philippine broadcasting. (Elizabeth Enriquez & Barry Mishkind)
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