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1922 __ SPC
Comment : The first station in Brazil was either SPC, completed in November of 1922, and owned by the Rio De Janeiro Light and Power Company, or Rádio Clube de Pernambuco in Recife on October 17, 1923. SPC operated at 483 metres, with its antenna on top of Mt. Corcovada, 2000 ft. above sea level. (Barry Mishkind, “The Broadcast Archives”, [http://www.oldradio.com/ www.oldradio.com])The Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. has made arrangements to sell New York City a 1,000-watt broadcasting station to be installed on top of the Municipal Building. The equipment is now at Rio Janeiro, having been installed there for use at the Brazilian Centennial Exposition. It operated there under the call letters SPC from Sept. 7, 1922, to Mar. 31, 1923. It is reported to be an exact duplicate of Station KDKA, Pittsburgh. Efforts will be made to have the station in operation by June in order to radiate news from the national Democratic convention. (New York Times, Mar. 23, 1924)
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