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1921 __ 9XM - wireless telephone concert
Comment : « For many years amateurs have shown their friends their wireless sets and let them listen to buzzing dots and dashes which were the messages being hurled through the air by commercial stations. It is hard to become enthusiastic over listening to dots and dashes, but it is an eighth wonder to listen to jazz and speech come floating though the ether to your ears, to listen to music played at East Pittsburgh or to a symphony concert at the University of Wisconsin. That is what hundreds of wireless amateurs in this state are doing. [...] Every noon, except Sunday, 9XM, the powerful radio station at the University, sends out by wireless and then by wireless telephone the market reports direct from the state bureau of markets and also the weather report. Every Friday night, the station sends out a wireless telephone concert consisting of the latest phonograph records and when noted musicians come to Madison to entertain the University town their music is connected to the radio set. While you are eating your lunch, while you are seeing the latests movie, and while you are sleeping, the ether waves are penetrating your room that with a few instruments might be turned into music or speech. ». (Milwaukee Journal, November 20, 1921)« Nine XM talking, department of physics, University of Wisconsin. Stand by one minute for our weekly radiophone concert. ». (In J.G. Crownhart, "Campaigning by Wireless Telephone", La Follette's Magazine, November 1921, p. 165)
Source : Davidson, Randall (2006), “9XM talking: WHA Radio and the Wisconsin idea”, Univ of Wisconsin Press, p. 53.

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