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1921 __ Radio amateurs on the long wavelengths
Comment : Long distance communications had until now been concentrated on the long wavelengths. Accordingly radio amateurs had been only allowed to use the short wave bands which were thought to be of little commercial value. However in the USA a number of amateur stations had made contacts over considerable distances. This made people wonder whether it would be possible to make contact across the Atlantic. After several sets of tests commencing in 1921 contact was finally made between the American stations 1MO and 1XAM and the French station 8AB in November 1923. Then in October of 1924 a station at Mill Hill School in the North of London made contact with one in Dunedin New Zealand on the opposite side of the globe. Meanwhile commercial interests were also exploring the capabilities of the short wave bands, and a number of links were set up. (Ian Poole)
Urls : http://www.qsl.net/ta1dx/amator/a_brief_history_of_radio.htm (last visited )

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