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1921 __ Gramophones broadcasts in Wellington
Comment : In 1921 a Wellington businessman, Charles Forrest, began transmitting gramophone recordings from a room in the Hope Gibbons building. Although he had no formal permit or licence he had a verbal understanding with the chief telegraph engineer that if his transmissions were causing reception problems at the nearby marine radio station, he would cease until the ship-to-shore communication was concluded. (Wedderspoon 2003). (Keith Newman, " Connecting the Clouds - the Internet in New Zealand ", InternetNZ the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc, Activity Press, 2008)
Urls : http://nethistory.org.nz/index.php/Chapter_1_-_The_Tyranny_of_Distance_-_Reaching_out_to_the_World (last visited ) http://www.rsm.govt.nz/cms/resource-library/publications/a-brief-history-of-regulation-of-radiocommunications-in-new-zealand/development-of-broadcasting (last visited ) http://www.soundarchives.co.nz/ (last visited )

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