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1920 __ The first distance marriage by radio
Comment : “ Marriage by radio takes a certain amount of faith, hope, and cahrity as well as a strong belief in science. [...] The first long-range marriage by radio took place in May, 1920, the Girl, Miss Maybelle Ebert, being in Detroit, and the Boy, John R. Wakeman, somewhere on the Pacific Ocean on one of Uncle Sam’s battle wagons, the cruiser “Birmingham”. [...] There have been all manner of radio weddings, short and long distance, by land, by sea, and by air. Some of our readers may recall the aerial wedding of Lieutenant Burgess and Miss Jones during the annual New York City Police Games in 1919. [...] Below, near the grand stand, several loud speakers had been installed so that the crowd could hear the entire ceremony as carried on above by radio telephone between the two planes. (Pierre Boucheron, “Married by Radio”, In“RADIO BROADCAST”, Vol. I, MAY, 1922, to OCTOBER, 1922, Garden City, N. Y., DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & COMPANY, 1924, pp. 162-163)
Urls : http://www.archive.org/stream/radiobroadcast01gardrich/%23page/162/mode/2up (last visited )

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