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1920 __ WRUC — College Radio pioneer — music programs
Comment : October 14. A college radio station, WRUC, Union College, Schenectady, N.Y., starts playing weekly music programs using phonograph records. The programs were broadcast from 8 PM to 8:30 PM with a three-minute interval. Owned by the trustees of the college, the station was heard from at least a 50-mile radius. (Barry Mishkind, “The Broadcast Archives”, [http://www.oldradio.com/ www.oldradio.com])"Student radio at Union dated from 1910...That was the year two students began to set up a wireless telegraph station as part of their senior thesis work in electrical engineering. A radio club held its first meeting Oct. 29, 1915...".WRUC was first known as 2ADD and signed on at 8pm, October 1, 1920. Two young men hooked together five U tubes and attempted to broadcast 27 minutes of music. The show lasted from 8pm to 8:30pm with a 3 minute interuption at 8:15. William G. Craig, a 1923 graduate, was the station's first announcer, and Glen C. Mercer, a 1916 graduate, built the first station. The first song to be played at the station was, "Tell Me Little Gypsy" by John Steel. In order to play music the students borrowed records from H.S. Barney Co. lin. for the first years of broadcasting. Before its first broadcast, there were many amateur broadcasts by the individuals within the radio club and part of the Electrical Engineering department including both students and professors. In 1917 with the United States declaration of war against Germany, the federal government suspended all amateur operations and ordered transmitters to be sealed and unauthorized for use. The original station and transmitter were located in a shack behind the EE building with a wire antenna strung between two nearby trees. The station went from a shed, to an engineering classroom, to Union's Psi Upsilon fraternity, to the present admissions office to the Campus Center. In 1940 the station was given its new call letters WRUC which stood for Wireless Radio of Union College. In 1975 WRUC went FM operating at 10 watts. In 1983 the station moved to 100 watts and moved it's frequency from 90.9 to 89.7. (Doni Johnson, WRUC website, 2001)
Urls : http://www.oldradio.com/archives/international/argentin.html (last visited ) http://wruc.union.edu/stationhistory.php (last visited )

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