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1920 __ 6ADZ — music broadcast
Comment : September 10. Fred Christian begins broadcasting records that he has borrowed from music stores. Granted the call letters 6ADZ, he broadcasts from Hollywood, California, with a 5 w transmitter. In March 1922 the station was assigned the call letters KNX, Los Angeles, currently with 50 kW. (Barry Mishkind, “The Broadcast Archives”, www.oldradio.com)An ex-Marconi man, formerly a shipboard wireless operator, Fred Christian, put together a five-watt transmitter in his Hollywood, Calif., home a half century ago. Granted the call letters 6ADZ, Mr. Christian, on Sept. 10, 1920, began broadcasting records he borrowed form music stores. This was the forerunner of KNX Los Angeles (new call letters assigned in March 1922), now 50 kw of power, owned by CBS. Mr. Christian was then manager of the Electrical Lighting and Power Co. and went into broadcasting because he wanted to encourage people to build their own radio sets os that he could sell them parts. In 1924 he sold KNX to Guy Earle, owner of the Los Angeles Evening Express, who resold it to CBS in 1936. Today, 68 years old, [in 1970] Fred Christian operates American Electrodynamics Co., West Los Angeles.WWJ or a predecessor broadcast election returns on August 31, 1920. KDKA began in November 1920. At least two other stations were "broadcasting" before 1920--9XM (now WHA), and the station that later became KQW and is now KCBS. (“Many Claims Have Been Made, But Radio's Paternity Is Still a Question”, Broadcasting, Nov. 2, 1970)
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