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1920 __ Chiu-mou-ti Hsing-wu-t'ai
Comment : In the 1920s, an enterprising impressario built the “Chiu-mou-ti Hsing-wu-t'ai” (New Theatre on Nine ‘Mou’ of Land), offering a combination of live actors and motion pictures. Complicated scenery such as mountains, rivers, moving trains, and steamships were shown on a screen, sometimes with actors performing in front of it. Indoor scenery, such as tables and chairs, would be placed on stage as props. Each play would consist of five or six scenes, alternating screen and stage actions. The format was quite popular until it was discovered that once an actor's face was shown on the screen, the audience would not accept a different actor in the same role on stage. As a result, the format was not copied by other theatres in Shanghai. (Betty Peh-T'i Wei, “SHANGHAI: CRUCIBLE OF MODERN CHINA”, Oxford University Press, 1987)
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