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1919 __ Chelmsford Station — Transmission of the human voice from Ireland across the Atlantic
Comment : Successful transmission of the human voice from Ireland across the Atlantic. This success less to the erection of a 6 kW transmitter in Chelmsford, England. (Barry Mishkind, “The Broadcast Archives”, [http://www.oldradio.com/ www.oldradio.com])The first transmissions of speech and music in England were made from Chelmsford, Essex, when a 15kW transmitter of the Marconi Company began regular transmissions in February of 1920. (Norman F. Joly, “THE DAWN OF AMATEUR RADIO IN THE U.K. AND GREECE : A PERSONAL VIEW”)The first radio station in Britain is established at Chelmsford, Essex. Using a 6 kW transmitter, two half-hour speech and music programmes are broadcast daily. They are banned the following year for fear of commercialization.Captain H.J. Round commenced his professional life when he joined the Marconi Company in 1902. The company was very newly formed and was at the forefront of "wireless" technology having made the first transatlantic radio transmission the previous year. However the investment in achieving these new milestones was huge and the returns at this time were relatively small. Despite the shortage of cash, H.J. Round was sent to the USA. Here his office junior was a man named David Sarnoff - he alter became the Chairman of RCA. With the cessation of hostilities, H.J. Round returned to more peaceful and commercially profitable activities working for the Marconi Company. Initially his activities were devoted towards the development of improved thermionic valve or tube activities. He developed some new high power valves or tubes (types MT1 and MT2) and alongside this he developed some transmitters capable of delivering around 20 kW. Then in March 1919 he oversaw the installation of a large telephony wireless station at Ballybunion in Ireland. With the transmitting station complete, H.J. Round next developed some more transmitters, but this time for range testing. The radio transmitters were located at the Marconi works in Chelmsford, and in order to gain an idea of the ranges being achieved, listeners were invited to send in reports on the transmissions. In order to attract listeners, the transmissions were modulated with music - a revolutionary idea for the time. The number of listeners grew and many reports were received by those who had enjoyed the radio transmissions. (Compiled from various sources)
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