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1915 __ World's Largest Outdoor Musical Instrument — the Spreckels Organ
Comment : Balboa Park in San Diego boasts what is billed as the "World's Largest Outdoor Musical Instrument," a mammoth Spreckels pipe organ which has served as the voice of that city since 1915. The instrument, housed in an elaborate pavilion with adjacent seating for some 2,400 concert-goers, has 71 ranks, with 4,416 individual pipes whose length varies from less than .5 inches to over 32 feet. Percussive effects are also available to the performer, who sits at a four-manual keyboard equipped with full pedalboard in the pavilion. Air required to operate the instrument comes from a twenty-horsepower electric blower, and music produced can be heard under favorable weather conditions at a distance of over two miles. (John Dillon Ford)
Source : Ford, James Dillon (1995), "From Vocal Memnon to the Stereophonic Garden : a short history of sound and technology in landscape design", a paper prepared for CELA, Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Annual 1995.
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