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1912 __ Wireless telegraphy in Lima
Comment : Wireless telegraphy was inagurated in Lima, on San Cristobal hill on June 16, 1912. (Barry Mishkind, “The Broadcast Archives”, [http://www.oldradio.com/ www.oldradio.com])THE WEST COAST OF AMERICA TELEGRAPH COMPANY. Formed in 1875 by some of the directors of the IRGP, the company had a cable laid between Valparaiso and Lima by CS Dacia with landings at La Serena, Caldera, Antofagasta, Iquique, Arico and Mollendo. This was the only cable laid by the company. The company got into financial difficulties in the first two years of operation and was taken over by John Pender's ETC, and a new company with the same name was incorporated in 1877. The Central and South American Telegraph Company had a terminus at Chorillos, Lima and traffic was exchanged between the two companies in Lima, then the Central was granted an extension to Valparaiso so the West Coast moved its southern terminus to Concepcion. On 12 April 1897 the 1877 company was liquidated and a new company again with the same name was formed. This is the company that became part of Cable & Wireless. (Bill Glover, "History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network - The Evolution of Cable & Wireless, Part 3", 2009)
Urls : http://www.oldradio.com/ (last visited ) http://atlantic-cable.com/CableCos/CandW/EATC/ (last visited )

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