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968 __ Thumthsein
Whing (?-?)
Comment : Kung-foo-Whing is said to have invented a methof of transmitting sound through wires by means of an apparatus called “thumthsein”, although no trace whatever of the latter is to be found in any of the numerous authorities herein quoted. (Paul Fleury Mottelay)According to a letter to Peking Gazette, in 968, a Chinese inventor Kung–fu-wing created thumtsein which probably transmitted speech through pipes. (Compiled from various sources)According to Chin Hoo, in the Pekin Gazette, the telephone, or, "Thumthsein", was invented in China in 968 by a philosopher named Kung Foo Whing. This announcement will satisfy the self-complacency of the Celestials without disturbing the equanimity of the western nations. All honour to Kung Foo Whing, whose euphonious name seems made for the telephone. (In The Telegraphic Journal, August 15, 1878; In The Electrical Review - The Telegraphic Journal and The Electric Review, Vol. VI - January/December 1878, London: Haughton & Company, p. 346)
Source : Fleury Mottelay, Paul (1922), “Bibliographical History of Electricity and Magnetism, Chronologically Arranged”, Read Books (2008), p. 28.
Source : Johnston, William J. (1880), “Telegraphic tales and telegraphic history: A popular account of the electric telegraph, its uses, extent and outgrowths”, New York : W.J. Johnston, p. 227.
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