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1910 __ Spirit communication
Father Roberto Landell de Moura (1861-1928)
Comment : In 1910, a Catholic altar boy in Brazil often saw his priest, Roberto Landell do Moura, communicating with a small box. The priest would speak to the box, and it would speak back. Father Landell was reluctant to share details of the box with anyone, as the Church did not approve of any forms of spirit communication other than such traditional Christian techniques as prayer. The reports of the altar boy were officially recorded, however. (Mark H. Macy, World ITC)
Urls : http://www.worlditc.org/a_02_macy_itc_history.htm (last visited ) http://paginas.terra.com.br/arte/landell_de_moura/english.htm (last visited ) http://www.landelldemoura.qsl.br/english.htm (last visited )

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