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1908 __ Autophone
Comment : A cylinder player made by the American Phonograph Co., New York, from about 1913 to 1919. It was also marketed, and perhaps assembled, in Canada by the Dominion Autophone Co., Vancouver. The machine could play 12 cylinders in succession without stopping and without the need to rewind its three-spring motor. Julius Roever filed for the patent in 1907, and received U.S. Patent #883,971 on 7 April 1908. (Koenigsberg notes also the patent granted to Allison A. Pratt on 27 Aug. 1907, #864,686, for a 30-cylinder coin-op.) Operation was based on a Ferris wheel housing of the cylinder, each of which had its own adjustable mandrel. Adjustment was needed to set the first groove of each cylinder in line with the diamond point reproducer. By rotation of the wheel, any cylinder could be brought to the first playing position. A coin-op version was also patented and manufactured. Advertisements and photos appear in TMR #14 (Koenigsberg, 1990; Stephenson, 1983). (Frank W. Hoffmann)
Source : Hoffmann, Frank W. (2005). “Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound”, Volume 1, (p. 56), 2nd Edition. New York : Routledge.

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