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1908 __ Wireless experiments at the Eiffel Tower
Lee de Forest (1873-1961)
Comment : Lee De Forest transmits a program of phonograph records from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This was just an experimental stunt to other nearby hobbists and not considered a public broadcast. The general public had no access to receivers at the time. (Compiled from various sources)In 1906, de Forest filed a patent application on a wireless detector which he called an Audion and which, in its initial form, was a two-electrode device. In January 1907 he applied for a patent on a three-electrode Audion in which one electrode consisted of a control grid inside the tube. The following month he organized a new company, the De Forest Radio Telephone Company. During 1908 he staged a radio broadcast from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, which was received as far as 500 miles from the transmitter. In October 1916, de Forest began broadcasting music from phonograph records five nights a week using a 250 W transmitter in New York City. The music was heard as far away as Mansfield, OH, and on one occasion, a dance was held in Morristown, NJ, using music broadcast from the de Forest radio station. At the time, he predicted that radio would especially benefit rural areas by providing news as well as entertainment.“Telephoning from Eiffel Tower.Paris, April, 11. For the last few weeks the French War Office has been experimenting at the Eiffel Tower with the system of wireless telephony invented by Lee de Forest, and this fact has been made known through the cable-dispatches. But the success of the experiments and their scope have just been published. Sets of apparatus were installed at the tower. In the Fort of Mont Valérien, and at Villejuif, a southern suburb of Paris. The experiment for telephonic communication between Villejuif and the Eiffel Tower succeeded excellently. Mrs. de Forest, using the apparatus at Villejuif, spoke quite eaisly to her husband at the Eiffel Tower, more than six miles away.By means of the apparatus at Eiffel Tower and in Fort Mont Valérien, a conversation was carried on at a distance of three and a half miles with equal ease. The experiments were carried on before several officers of the French Army and Navy. Mr. de Forest has stated that he is entirely satisfied with what he has done. He is to make similar experiments in Germany and Italy.”. (The New York Times, April 26, 1908, Sunday)
French comment : 2 avril 1908 : Lee DE FOREST en collaboration avec Eugène DUCRETET et avec l'autorisation de Gustave FERRIE, en déplacement au Maroc, diffuse la voix et la musique d'un disque depuis la Tour Eiffel à Paris. L'émission sera audible à Villejuif et à Melun. Il s'agit donc de la première diffusion de voix et de musique en France par la voie des ondes. A partir de cet instant, les expériences se multiplient à travers le monde. (Jean-Marc Printz)
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