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1903 __ Transatlantic transmission from Theodore Roosevelt to King Edward VII
Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937)
Comment : On 18 January 1903, a Marconi station built near Wellfleet, Massachusetts in 1901 sent a message of greetings from Theodore Roosevelt, the President of the United States, to King Edward VII of the United Kingdom, marking the first transatlantic radio transmission originating in the United States. However, consistent transatlantic signalling turned out to be very difficult to establish. On January 18, 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt's message was tapped out in Morse code from South Wellfleet to King Edward VII at the Poldhu station. It was to be the first two-way transatlantic communication and the first wireless telegram between America and Europe. The message read: “His Majesty, Edward VII. London, Eng. In taking advantage of the wonderful triumph of scientific research and ingenuity which has been achieved in perfecting a system of wireless telegraphy, I extend on behalf of the American People most cordial greetings and good wishes to you and to all the people of the British Empire. THEODORE ROOSEVELT Wellfleet, Mass., Jan. 19, 1903”. Expecting only to receive confirmation from Glace Bay that the message had been relayed to England, Marconi got a direct response from England: “Sandrinham, January 19, 1903, The President, White House, Washington, America. I thank you most sincerely for the kind message which I have just received from you, through Marconi's trans-Atlantic wireless telegraphy. I sincerely reciprocate in the name of the British Empire the cordial greetings and friendly sentiment expressed by you on behalf of the American Nation, I heartily wish you and your country every possible prosperity. EDWARD R. and I.” (Despite newspaper accounts the next day, some historians speculate that since there had been transmitting equipment problems at the Poldhu station, the King's reply may have been sent via cable and relayed from the Wellfleet Railroad Depot.).
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