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1897 __ Matrosenstation Kongsnaes, Berlin
Adolf Slaby (1849-1913), Georg Graf von Arco (1869-1940)
Comment : Early broadcast experiments took place in Berlin on Aug. 27 1897. The receiving station was "Matrosenstation Kongsnaes" in the Schwanenallee, Postdam. This was an experiment of Adolf Slaby and his assistant Georg Graf von Arco. (Peter C. Klanowski, Sascha Zimmer, Barry Mishkind)From 1897 Slaby participated with the help of his assistant Georg von Arco from 1897 in Marconi's experiments with wireless telegraphy across the English Channel. The wireless telegraphy - trials took place first at the Technical University of Berlin, and then between Church of the Redeemer, Sacrow and the 1.6 kilometers distant Marine station Kongsnaes at the Potsdamer Platz. Arco and Slaby in the summer of 1897 used the bell tower of the Church of the Redeemer, Sacrow, as an antenna, to verify and understand Marconi's experiments. Here the first German antenna system for wireless telegraphy was established. On 7 October 1897, he established a 21-kilometer radio link between Schöneberg and Rangsdorf, a world record. The following summer, he established a link between Berlin to Jüterbog with the end-points being over 60 km apart. Crucial improvements led to the success, not of spark gap transmission antennas as used by Marconi, but in inductive antennas. (Compiled from various sources)
Source : Slaby, Adolphus (1898), "The New Telegraphy, Recent experiments in telegraphy with sparks.". The Century Magazine. April, 1898.
Urls : http://www.oldradio.com/archives/international/germany.html (last visited )

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