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1895 __ Flashlight message from London to New York via the moon
Comment : Science Siftings reported in 1895 that an American named Hawkins planned to send a flashlight message from London to New York via the moon, using a gigantic heliograph reflector to catch the sun's rays and cast them on the moon's surface. Hawkins had conceived the intellectual principles of satellite relay using the only earth satellite available in 1895. (Carolyn Marvin)
Source : Gurevitch, Michael & Levy, Mark R. (1980), “Mass Communication Review Yearbook”, Vol. 1: 1980, edited by G. CLEVELAND WILHOIT and HAROLD DE BOCK. Beverly Hills: Sage Publications, 1980, p. 268.
Source : Marvin, Carolyn (1990), “When Old Technologies Were New: Thinking About Electric Communication in the Late Nineteenth Century”, Oxford University Press.

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