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1893 __ Radio Transmissions
Father Roberto Landell de Moura (1861-1928)
Comment : Father Roberto Landell de Moura (Brazil), who made experiments with radio transmissions before Marconi and patented them in USA, reported the possibility of communications with the dead using radio waves. Some people said he had built a prototype, but documents and notes were never found. He publicly demonstrated a radio broadcast of the human voice on June 3, 1900, reaching a distance of approximately 8 km. The points of transmission and reception were: the Santana Borough and Avenida Paulista in the downtown sector. De Moura travelled to the United States and secured three patents there, for a "Wave Transmitter" (October 11, 1904), a "Wireless Telephone" and "Wireless Telegraph", both dated November 22, 1904. In the same year, he conceived yet another invention: "The Telephotorama", or "The Distance Vision", the precursor of television as we know it today, which would be demonstrated publicly only by the year of 1926. A few of his manuscripts infer that some video communications problems had already been solved by him. This allows us to conclude that Father Landell was in the path to create "The Transmission and Reception of Images". Spiritualism too effected a kind of rearguard action against the abstraction of the body. Spiritualists were quick to seize on machines like the telegraph and the telephone to act as analogies for communication between the living and the dead. But they gave this communicative machinery a new, or rather, archaic inflection. One favoured theory, absorbed from late nineteenth century popular physics, was that the universe was no more than electromagnetic fluctuation. The dead inhabited a region characterised by much higher rates of vibration than in our material dimension. Spiritualism added to this conception the idea of a substance that mediated between energy and matter, in its linked, tenacious fantasies of ectoplasm and the ether. The ether, which continued to be thought of as having a special relationship to air or gaseous states, is electricity made substantial. 'It is by clothing organs of speech with matter slow in vibration that the words of inhabitants of the etheric world may sound in our atmosphere' wrote one spiritualist theorist 'and after this has been done, an individual in the after-life has no more difficulty in speaking than he had when in the earth-life’ (Randall 1918, 48). Etheric substance, ectoplasmic vocality is sound-energy given form: it is electrical effigy. (Steven Connor)Father Roberto Landell de Moura was a really fascinating character and you often here of this Priest in the Instrumental Transcommunication circles (ITC for short). According to ITC researchers The good Father was seen by an altar boy in Brazil in the date of 1910 "communicating with a small box. The priest would speak to the box, and it would speak back. Fr Landell was reluctant to share details of the box with anyone, as the Church did not approve of any forms of spirit communication other than such traditional Christian techniques as prayer. The reports of the altar boy were officially recorded, however. " (World ITC). In reality, the good Father was a Brazilian Roman Catholic priest and inventor who publicly demonstrated a radio broadcast of the human voice on June 3, 1900. In fact it has been speculated that Fr Landell was the first to achieve wireless communication a good year before Marconi, and Landell was awarded a patent for his radio in Brazil in 1901, 3 years before the United States gave the patent to Marconi. Since we know for fact Fr Landell was working with wireless radio transmissions, it is feasible this "box" the alter boy saw him speaking into was not a "spirit communication" device of any kind. And to a young boy who had no idea of the very concept of wireless radio transmitting and receiving human voices, I am sure it looked very "other worldly." The box obviously had a speaker and a microphone so to a young child all he would understand is the good Father was speaking into a box and he could hear a disembodied voice responding to his questions. Perhaps during periods of communion the good Father was tweaking his invention. Another interesting correlation is the time line given by ITC researchers, and the time Fr Landell made public his findings. ITC researchers state the good Father was seen in 1910 communicating with this box, and the records show he first publicly demonstrated a radio broadcast of the human voice on June 3, 1900. So it has been documented 10 years prior to the "incident" of him speaking with the dead that he was in fact broadcasting the human voice over radio waves. (read on a blog : [http://blogs.myspace.com/dagulf http://blogs.myspace.com/dagulf])
Source : Connor, Steven (2004), “Incidents of the Breath: In Pneumatic and Electric Ventriloquisms”, A lecture given in the series 'Artificial Others: Lectures on Ventriloquism and Automata' at the Ruskin School of Art and Drawing, Oxford, February 17 2004.
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