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1892 __ New remedy for deafness : sound massage
Comment : “New Remedy for Deafness : Dr. Leach Believes That the Phonograph Will Cause a Cure”, In New York Times, 23 May 1892.The 1890s saw many attempts to use the phonograph and the telephone as cures for or at least solutions to deafness. A New York Times article from the same year as the Columbia circular had a Dr. Leach proposing to use the phonograph to “massage” the ossicles in the ears of the deaf :” The principle of treatment employed is the massage, or mechanical stimulation, and consequent reawakening of the sound)conducting apparatus of the ear, by means of vibrating force [of the phonograph]”. (Jonathan Sterne, p. 81 & 369)
Source : Sterne, Jonathan (2003), “The Audible Past - Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction”, Durham & London : Duke University Press, p. 81.

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