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1890 __ Sound effects on theatre stage
Comment : Possibly the first use of recorded sound in the theatre, as mentioned in Michael Booth’s book ‘Theatre in the Victorian Age’, was a phonograph playing a baby’s cry in a London theatre in 1890.« Evidently, the first use of recorded sound on the English stage came in the offstage phonographic playing of a baby’s cry in a farce, “The Judge” at Terry’s in 1890, but using recorded sound never became general; almost all sound effects were produced traditionally. Thunder was done by rattling a sheet of iron or rolling cannon balls down a wooden through, etc. [...] ». (DJ Bernie Mac)
Source : Booth, Michael (1991), “Theatre in the Victorian Age”, Cambridge University Press, p. 80 and p.93.
Source : Stedman, Jane W. (1976), “Enter, a Phonograph”, Theatre Notebook, the University of California, Vol. 30 (n°1, 1976), pp. 3-5.
Urls : http://djsbooth.blogspot.com/2009/03/sound-design.html (last visited )

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