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1890 __ The Berliner Gramophone — Hearing tubes
Comment : “The Berliner Gram-o-phone.A talking machine for the family at so low a price that it is brought within purchasing power of everybody, is one of the latest achievements of scientific invention.Talks distinctly, sings every song with expression, plays the piano, cornet, banjo, and in fact every musical instrument with precision and pleasing effect. The plate called “The Morning on the Farm” gives a perfect reproduction of the lowing of cattle, crowing of the rooster, the call of the hawk, the neight of the horses, the bleating of the sheep, and in fact every sound which is familiar to the farmyard. The records are endless in variety, including nearly every song you are acquainted with. Accompanying illustration (above) show the machine operated with hearing tubes for three people. Tubes for two peope go with each machine. Extra hearing tubes, so that any number of people may hear, are furnished at 75 cents extra for each person. Two records are included with every machine. Extra records 60 cents each, $6.00 per dozen. Outfit.The Outfit includes Talking Machine, Style 1/2, provided with revolving table covered with felt, fly-wheel so balanced as to turn evenly and arm which holds the sound-box with reproducing diaphragm, rubber tubes as described above. Box of 100 needles. All nicely packed in a box and sent express prepaid to any point in the United States upon receipt of price. Send Money by Postal Note, Express Money-order or New York Draft. Special Offer.With each Machine ordered before Nov. 10th, we will include an Amplifying horn.National Gramophone Company, 874 Broadway, New York City. (Berliner Gramophone Ad, courtsey of Archives center, National Museum of Amercian History; cited by Jonathan Sterne, p. 164)
Source : Sterne, Jonathan (2003), “The Audible Past - Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction”, Durham & London : Duke University Press, p. 164.

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