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ca 180 __ « Pipe Which Makes Fantasies Appear »
Ting Huan (ca 180 AD)
Comment : The ascending convection of hot air from a lamp caused animals and creatures to appear to move naturally in his 'Pipe Which Makes Fantasies Appear." This is perhaps the first account of the marriage of both illumination and movement, created by the same source (lamp). Rising currents of hot air were evidently used by Ting Huan who made a "nine-storied hill censer" (“chiu tshêng po shan hsiang lu”), on which many strange birds and mysterious animals were attached. All these wonderful creatures moved quite naturally (“chieh tzu-jan yün tung”), presumably as soon as the lamp was lit. Similar apparatus (“hsien yin chu”), in which moving shapes were seen and tinkling noises heard, after the lighting of a candle or lamp, is mentioned in the + 10th century Chhing I Lu. (Joseph Needham.)
Source : Wang, Ling and Needham, Joseph (1962), “Science and Civilization in China: Physics and Physical Technology : Physics”, Vol. IV, Cambridge University Press, pp. 123-124.
Urls : http://www.precinemahistory.net/900.htm (last visited )

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