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1884 __ First long-distance telephone cable in the US
Comment : The first long-distance telephone cable in the US is installed between New York and Boston. “In 1884, at great expense, a test line was built and equipped, extending from Boston to New York, and the possibility of a perfect long-distance service was established. In the following year the American Telephone and Telegraph Company was organized, and built a twenty-five-line system into Philadelphia, then to Boston, Albany, Buffalo, the coal fields of Pennsylvania, Baltimore, and Washington, and a great web is constantly gathering up intermediate points.”. (MUSIC OVER THE WIRES - PRESENT AND COMING WONDERS OF ELECTRICITY. - NOTABLE THINGS HAVE BEEN DONE BY TELEPHONE EXPERTS, BUT STILL GREATER TRIUMPHS ARE AT HAND. The New York Times, October 9, 1890, page 3 Thomas H. White, “Articles )
Urls : http://earlyradiohistory.us/1890wire.htm (last visited )

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