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1882 __ Telephone concert - Opera broadcast : "László Hunyadi"
Tivadar Puskás (1844-1893)
Comment : Tivadar Puskás broadcast Erkel's opera "László Hunyadi" from the National Theatre at a ball held in the Vigadó at Budapest on 4 February, 1882. (Compiled from various sources)On February 14th, 1882, at the spring festival organised in the building of the Vigadó (Municipal Concert Hall) of Pest he broadcasts Ferenc Erkel's opera "László Hunyadi" (1844) from the National Theatre. But at this time only a limited number of listeners could enjoy the broadcast. In order to make it possible to listen to it on innumerable receivers at the same time, the sound had to be amplified. Puskás's sound multiplicator, a forerunner of today's amplifying valve served for this purpose. Hunyadi László is considered to be the first important Hungarian opera and Erkel's musical style draws on folk influences, particularly the dance known as the verbunkos. (Compiled from various sources)
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