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ca 100 __ Captured voice in a bamboo cane
Comment : “[One of the Chinese legation in Washington, on seeing the Graphophone, said they had] a legend in China about some fair woman, whose voice was so beautiful, that her children wished to preserve it for future generations to hear; they persuaded her to speak into a bamboo cane, carefully sealing the same. The cane was safely kept for several generations, and then opened at the proper end, when each word came out in order with all the original sweetness, but, unfortunately, could never be repeated.”. (Henry Edmunds)
French comment : Une légende chinoise raconte qu'il y a plus de 2000 ans, un Chinois aurait enfermé dans une boîte un message verbal de son chef pour le porter à son empereur afin de lui annoncer la victoire sur les ennemis. (tyron29.kazeo.com)
Source : Edmunds, Henry (1888), “The Graphophone”, paper read 7th September, 1888, at Section G of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Bath Meeting.
Urls : http://history.sandiego.edu/GEN/recording/ar312.html (last visited ) http://tyron29.kazeo.com/Ovni-l-infrarouge,r81539.html (last visited )

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