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1882 __ Telephone concert in Milano and Roma
Comment : In Italy, the telephone arrived at the beginning of the 1880s and was immediately used to transmit entertainment shows. One of the first official experiments of long-distance telephony in Italy, linked the telegraph office of Tivoli and the Quirinale in Rome; "it began with the royal anthem, played on a piano in the Tivoli office. Then some pieces by Prati, a tenor 'romanza', flute and violin sonatas and a poem followed." This feature also emerged in an article which appeared in the popular Italian newspaper "L'Illustrazione Italiana" on January 29, 1882, which recalled a peculiar experiment carried out by the Gerosa Brothers, [Edoardo & Ernillo] pioneers of telephony in Milan : from time to time, they played an accordion in the withching room and connected it to all their subscribers, who could thus hear a sonata. While the Gerosa brothers' sporadic surprises could be considered the first steps of Italian broadcasting, from the beginning of the 1880s in other European Countries and in the United States these uses of the telephone were institutionalized with so-called circular telephony [Theatrophone in Paris, Telephone Hirmondo in Budapest, etc.] (Gabriele Balbu, Benedetta Prario)
Source : Balbi, Gabriele & Prario, Benedetta (2008), "Back to the Future — the Past and Present of Mobile TV", In "Mobile Technologies: From Telecommunications to Media", edited by Gerard Goggin, Larissa Hjorth, Taylor & Francis, p, 162.

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