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1878 __ Telephonic concert in Christchurch and Akaroa in New Zealand
Original excerpt : « A telephonic concert.On Saturday a highly successful dual concert was carried out by Mr Meddings, for the purpose of affording a number of gentlemen an opportunity of testing the telephones constructed by him. It had been arranged that musical selections should be given at Christchurch and at Akaroa, the distance by wire between the two stations being 55 miles. At Christchurch the invited party met in Mr Medding's private room at the telegraphic offices, where eight telephones were connected together by wires, so as to form a long loop between the terminals of transmitting and earth wires, and to enable the instruments to be readily used by the gentlemen seated round the apartment. Mr Watkins had kindly undertaken to provide the music for the delectation of those who were listening at Akaroa, and Christchurch was therefore well represented. The arrangements at Akaroa were not known beforehand, but the audience here quickly learned that they comprised instrumental music, harmonium and cornet, and some part singing, although in one or two instances the Akaroa vocalists broke down lamentably. The unique entertainment was throughout a thoroughly satisfactory one. It demonstrated that the sounds transmitted could be heard through any number of telephones at the same time, and the the high results obtained with the first instruments made by Mr Meddings were due to no lucky chance. All the instruments he has made have been equally successful, and wherever they have been tried have afforded the utmost satisfaction. It need scarcely be said that the results obtained on Saturday afforded great pleasure, and no little surprise to those who had not previously experienced so novel a sensation. In the singing which was listened to, the blending of the voices was perfect, and the slightest error made by either of the singers was at once detected. The instrumental sounds were equally satisfactory. Some weeks since Mr Meddings projected a new telephone, which was yet he has not had time to construct, and by means of this instrument he anticipates obtaining much greater intensity of sound. For obvious reasons, we give no description of the design, but it may be mentioned that in France experiments have been made in this direction, and with decided success. One of the instruments which has been produced, and by means of which highly satisfactory results have been obtained, consists of a [...] chamber, in which each of the faces save one is a diaphragm, with the necessary arrangement of magnets and coils. The wires from these coils are all [...] and connected with the transmitting wire, and the intensity of the sound is [...] [...]phonic experiments have astonished thousands at the Crystal Palace and elsewhere, and the London Institution Professor Barrett had been lecturing to delighted audiences, exposing the fallacy of the supposition that the toy telephones sold in the shops in any degree represented the new scientific wonder, and enabling his audiences to "see" sounds as reproduced by the telephone. This he accomplished by the use of colored sans upon a sheet of paper carefully stretched over the top of a suitable box. The sounds produced caused the sans to assume various beautiful patterns, and it will doubtlee be remembered that an analogous experiment was shown by Professor Bckerton at the Conversazione held on the occasion of the opening of the new Museum buildings in Christchurch. As we have before remarked, the telephone is yet in its infancy, and undoubtedly still more wonderful results will have to be recorded ere long. » (A TELEPHONE CONCERT. "Lyttelton Times." In North Otago Times, Volume 1823, Issue XXVI, 27 February 1878, P. 2)
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